Capitalizing on the Legacy of Ancient Craftsmanship
for the generation of tomorrow

Binthani Legacy Investments is a family business that offers many years of experience, as we have been in business for more than 100 years, using in-house Equipment and Machinery, with a constant monitor of our performance to analyze it and better improve it.

Utilizing our sophisticated capabilities, is what drives our passion, combined with our belief in creating sustainable partnerships with every client. We are committed to pursuing a better way of achieving goals for our industry, our clients and their customers.

Therefore, we invite you to a very fruitful sustainable strategic partnership that is second to none, a partnership that guarantees eye-catching concepts and designs, combined with high-value, competitive-cost fabrication, manufacturing and maintenance services, which makes Binthani Legacy Investments the right company, with the right model, at the right time.

Harib Mohammed Binthani


We are Binthani Legacy Investments, a fully equipped solutions partner, dedicated to improving people’s life, industrial knowledge, products and service.

Licensed by the Government of Dubai – Dubai Economy, backed up with the power of Dubai SME (Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives), and part of a legacy that goes back to the early beginning of Dubai, Binthani Legacy, more than 100 years of craftsmanship and counting. Hence, our traditional business model is based on the historic inception of Dubai, its people, the ongoing development and accomplishment of the marine life and city scape.


We shape the future of various industries by creating Unprecedented Value for our Customers, Investors, and Ecosystem Partners

Binthani Legacy Investments provides products and services to diverse industries, from Retail to Government sector, to Offices and Schools, to private sector and more, and this unique capability is one of our greatest strengths, as we have tailored our business model to meet the needs of our clients, through our subsidiaries.


A factory specialized in providing different types of products and services for diverse industries, capable of delivering the following:

1. Ships building.
2. Marine Equipment and Services.
3. Metal Fabrication and Welding.
4. Carbon Composite.


A fully equipped Auto Service Center with fabricating and manufacturing capabilities, capable of delivering the following:

1. Vehicle Maintenance.
2. Vehicle Repairs.
3. Vehicle Modifications.


The Story of Our Legacy

The history of Binthani Legacy goes back to the epic early beginning of Dubai, as we have been producing boats, woodwork products and providing carpentry services for more than 100 years, and have been providing fabricating, building contracting and maintenance services for more than 40 years, and counting.


Knowledge For Everyone

We strongly believe in improving people’s life by offering the best of our legacy, and that’s by sharing experienced knowledge with others, through education for everyone, as we are committed to passing what we have learned throughout the years to the generation of tomorrow, using intellectual techniques, cutting edge technologies and practical training.


Utilising our sophisticated capabilities is what drives our passion, combined
with our beliefs in creating a sustainable partnership with every client

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